Every year, on March 1st, at the City Hall Square, is launched the first “mascletá”: 5 minutes of explosions of firecrackers of an impressive magnitude.

It is the opening of the most popular festivals of Valencia: Las Fallas!

Fallas are also a non stop streets party, contests of paella, traditional outfit street parades, outdoor concerts, flowers offering to Virgin Maria, bullfights, firecrackers at any time and last but not least, the incredible night fireworks in the “nit del foc” (fire night) - a must see.

Nowadays Fallas festival is one of the very famous festivals in Europe attracting millions of visitors every year in March.


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Until March 19th, every day at 2pm in the City Hall Square, valencian people and visitors from all over the world will meet to assist to the famous “mascletás”.

Between March 12th and March 16th “faller” artists build their works in the streets after having worked during several months in their studios. The fallas are sort of statues made of paperboard reaching heights of 16m, very decorative, colorful and obviously very satiric, they are used to express with a lot of humor some opinions regarding famous people, social and politic matters that happened during the past year.

What happens on March 19th? When the clock rings 12pm, these structures that cost a lot of time and money are burned one after the other, in what we can consider the biggest pyrotechnic event of the world. The traditional “cremá” is the most emotive moment of these fests, when the city, embellished by the decorative lights and colors, becomes a scene of ashes…

This tradition is the expression of a liberation process, a goodbye to the bad moments of the year, a way of starting spring season as a renovation.

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