In Valencia Flat Rental, we all have something in common: we enjoy eating.... and we love to discover special restaurants!

And here is our selection of the nicest restaurants in Valencia!

We hope you will got the opportunity to try some of these nice restaurants and may be write some feeback for the next visitors.



RODAMONS  (Sueca, 47)

I love it! You will find here food from the five continents and a good choice of vines you can order by glass or bottle. Prices are quite cheap and the decoration refined. A gustative trip.
Menu at midday costs 12€ (14€ saturdays and sundays).

LA CONSERVERA  (Literato Azorin 18)

A new place that opened in 2013 in an old fish shop transformed in a very trendy bar-restaurant, perfect for making a break when hunger comes. This place offers a large choice of the best conserves of sardins, mussels, tuna and other products from the see which can go with a good vinho verde.

MALMÖ   (Sueca 46)

In a scandinavian and understated atmosphere, you will discover an original way to eat vegetarian.A big variety of flavours and original dishes can change your mind about this kind of restaurant. Let's try it!!

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