The area between the City Hall, the Bullfight Square and the Turia Gardens.

The City Hall area is very attractive culturally. It contains some renaissance edifications, others baroque, and a multitude of small squares with fountains and narrow walking streets

The City Hall Square is the most central and biggest square in Valencia. It is embellished by its big central fountain, colorful florists, and some of the most representative buildings of the city: the City Hall, The Post Office building, The Bullfight Square, and the North Train Station, between others.



This imposing building has been built at the beginning of XXth century in a modernist style.

It is well worth going inside to contemplate the big marble stairs, visit the Crystal Saloon and the Sessions Saloon to enjoy their delighting decorative details.


This building was also designed at the beginning of XXth century, and its highlights are the façade and the telegraph antenna, recently restored.

Nowadays it is still the main Post Office of the city.


The North Train Station is another modernist exemplar of Valencia City, signed by the architect Demetrio Ribes. It has been inaugurated in 1917, as a homage to Valencian industry.

Highlights are on the high quality of the ceramic mosaics representative of the Valencian orchard, especially the orange.

Colorful windows, as well as the ironwork complete the beauty of the building.


Next to the Station is the Bullfight Square of Valencia of a neo-classic style. It was built between 1850 and 1860.

The main bullfights take place during the “Fallas” festival and during the July Fest. Bullfight Square is also the scene of cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions and festivals.

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